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Thermal Eyez provides preventive health discovery services using an advanced infrared sensing technology that is 100% safe and is uniquely able to detect any inflammation and potential cancer growth at an early stage. Supported specialties are: Women's Breast Health, Men & Women Cardiovascular Health & Pain Management. It is a radiation-free, pain-free & touch-free screening procedure!

Men's Health Scan

Vital Health Scan

The Men’s Vital Health Scan includes following body views and associated possible functional changes:

  • Head and Neck (Sinus, Cardiovascular, Dental, TMJ, Thyroid, Stress and strain, Cervical nerve impingement)
  • Chest (Cardio health)
  • Upper Back (Muscular stress and strain, Upper back pain, Cardiovascular health)
  • Abdomen (Digestive issues, Lymphatic congestion, Food allergies, Pelvic region)
  • Lower Back (Muscular skeletal issues and pain)

Again, the aim of this procedure is not to be a substitute for clinical examination but to enhance it. Specialties such as breast health, cardiovascular and pain management can greatly benefit from it. Some example vital health images are given below.

Please read Pre-scan instructions prior to your office visit. Also print and complete the relevant client form in the convenience of your home and bring it with you to your appointment.